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(By Purist Audio Design)

Cables for Audeze, HiFiMAN (all models including the HE-1000), Sennheiser, and others.  Please inquire about your headphones.

Jim Aud made the cables that kept up Adam's Fig Leaf.  He's been making cables a good long while and has already been through much of the 'new' technologies that we read about in the cable press.  Silver surrounded by liquid (years ago).  Air encapsulated copper, that too. Single Core? Tellurium? Ahh, yes.  Wire from King TUT's tomb?  He won't comment.  All to say, this space age engineer has been appreciated the world over as one of the world's finest practitioners of the art.  In fact, in the pantheon of 44 countries that their cable is sold, the US ranks around 19th in sales.  It seems the rest of the globe is well ahead of us in this locally made top flight product with tremendous high end value and strut.

It's not easy to get some of the top cottage cable designers to make a headphone cable.  Why, you ask? Well, consider the variables.  Different lengths, different terminations required for every make of headphone, and you can't really plumb the heights of cost to cover these oddities, as most people don't want to spend what a top flight pair of speaker cables would cost to mate with their headfi.  Or to put it more simply, many of the top cable companies have speaker cable that exceeds $10k per 8 ft. run.  No one wants to spend that to mate with a pair of $3k headphones.  So you see the juggernaut.  What you really need is someone who can attain the best balance among the many choices to this end.  Enter Jim and Purist.

Here's some more info from their website.

Experience your headphone's full potential with the NEW Impresa headphone cable by Purist Audio Design! The Impresa employs advanced copper conductors with enhanced dielectrics, and are expertly crafted in Texas. The cables deliver a natural, organic sound that fully immerses you into the music!

The Impresa is designed to be the missing link for headphones like the Sennheiser HD800, Audeze, and HiFiMan! Have a different set of headphones? Contact us anytime

The Impresa headphone cables are packaged in a handsome soft case.

Impresa Headphone Cable Technical Specifications
Conductors OFC 0.999999 Pure
Metals CU
Shielding Braid
Dielectric Material PTFE
Gauge (effective) 21 AWG
Capacitance 23 pF/FT
Resistance 0.0233 Ω/m
Estimated Break-In Time 75 Hours
Cable Diameter 1/4" OD
Connector Type Varies, depending on headphones
Material Treatment Triple (3x) Cryomag©


Here are a few of the termination choices.  For your best result, please contact us for assistance and pricing.

Furutech FP-704 cryogenically treated Phosphor Bronze 1/4" headphone plug
Supra 3.5mm gold-plated copper mini plug
Pailiccs 4-pin 2.5mm mini plug for Astell and Kerns balanced output
Kubiconn 4-pin connector used with Centrance Glove Audio A-1
Puresonic gold-plated Tellurium 4-pin XLR plug
2X Puresonic 3-pin XLR plug gold-plated Tellurium copper with hollow pins
Furutech FP-704 1/4" Phono plug to Connectronics 3.5mm phone jack .33m length
Supra MP-8 3.5mm phone plug to Connectic 1/4" phone jack 0.33m length
Furutech FP-704 1/4" phono plug to a Neutrik XLR jack 0.33m length
2X CablePro 3 pin Tellurium Copper XLR plugs to a Connectronics 1/4" phone jack 0.33

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