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Maarga – Sanskrit for ‘the path’.  Should you find yourself with a pair of Maargas in your midst, well down the path you are…the path of musical enjoyment.  Portrayal of the whole event as dictated by your ancillaries and the vision of an artists perspective.  This is ‘stop the world, I’ve gotten off” music reproduction.  With the wide-bander made in house, the drawbacks one may have associated with that species are absent.  We’re left with immediacy and a full breadth of expression.  Having active bass at your fingertips, to manipulate both volume and crossover point, allows for perfect tailoring for all but the largest spaces.  Having wonderful sensitivity in your driver also means being able to cherry pick from the finest amplifiers to suit your taste.  The Rethm Gaanum should be on your short list, but that’s another story.  Like it’s brethren it suffers from being written about with a lust for possession.  It comes in a variety of finishes to accent most decors.  Frankly, if listening in a room or barn under say, 350 sq. ft., then the Maarga is all I’d ever want or need.  It’s holographic nature is astounding.  Below are more almost embarrassingly positive reviews.  Srajan Ebaen compared them favorably to a $30k single driver speaker of great renown and bestowed upon it the Blue Moon Award.  If you’ve not heard this wide-bander, even if you’ve heard many of them, please contact us for a demonstration.  You’ll be glad you did and we’re always looking for an excuse to fire them up.

“To conclude the Ampeggio/Maarga comparison, this—and not the larger—Voxativ speaker remains the best single-driver creation I’ve yet heard.”  Yet…” Rethm’s $8.450/pr asking price for the Maarga demands that already, don’t you think? How much more so the Ampeggio’s $29.500? In my book the Indian isn’t simply the better balanced speaker. It’s the better speaker period. And that’s without yet factoring its decisively lower sticker.”

Low-level intelligibility is perhaps the most overlooked truly vital quality a real-world speaker must possess to satisfy over the long term. Here the Maarga shines like few others. The curtain rises completely at 23:00-hour SPLs which your next-door neighbor will never notice. Rather than crank the volume to catch the contact high, the Maarga communicates at relative whisper levels. Here for example it delegates the Boenicke to second place. • Dimensional sculpting is the difference between faintly suggested and tacit three dimensions. The Maarga scores high on wrapping your ears around the performers rather than encountering them as mostly cut-out sheets stacked at various distances from your seat.
• Ease works on the listener’s side—how much subliminal effort is required to concentrate on and stay with the music—and it works with the hifi. Some speakers sound muscular. Others sound incisive. Others again seem like giant headphones, tiny details swarming like ants. The Maarga sounds elegantly easeful or easefully elegant. Listener effort is very low.

It’s when trophy ideals are courageously sacrificed at the altar of reality bites—this particular ideal being that nothing will properly mate to a 100dB widebander and who needs augmentation in the first place—that true out-of-the-box thinking begins. Jacob George’s is a surprising but superb solution at the end of a very long and lonely journey. No if but or maybe, with their Maarga the company Rethm has finally arrived with all guns blazing!”

Srajan Ebaen-6 Moons-read the full award winning review

“The Rethm setup gave a warm and organic presentation with vocals, with a sufficient bass response to make you just want to listen to music for hours.” – Richard H. Mak, DaGoGo

“I went through listening to B&W 800 or 801 D – sounded reasonable, needed a lot of power to get them to sound that way.  Devore 9s- sounded better than B&W, still lack finesse Harbeth 40.1- Not really easy on the eyes, bass could get boomy with wrong room-A smaller Harbeth- mid range was to die for, relatively easy to drive, no bottom end.  Wilson Audio Sasha- quite bright with a good CJ pre amp and monoblock amp. Perhaps needed more power from solid state.  Then I flew down to hear the Maarga with Gideon in NY.
They left me completely stunned. This was my second exposure to Full range speakers. The Zu house sound had left me quite turned off.  The music was making every molecule in my body to experience the passion in it. I was bobbing my head, could not stop although I tried. I was impossible to not get involved in the music. I could not stop listening to 1 song after another. Finished the entire hour without ever realizing it had passed by. The music from my compressed 128 kpbs Iphone was quite good but the music from vinyl was ravishing. The best speaker to speaker soundstage, all the low level detail one can dream of without getting overwhelmed with the detail, liquid sound, very immersive.” -Audiogon Forum

Full range:
Horn loaded labyrinth: 2.0m ( 6′-8″” ) length
Full range driver: Custom designed
6 inch paper cone w/whizzer
Foam surround
Voice coil dia.: 25mm
Sensitivity: 97 db/w/m at 1khz, or mean averaged from 200hz to 2khzBass:
Sealed Isobaric chamber: 14.75 lit. volume.
Bass drivers: Custom designed; 2 units per enclosure
6.5 inch paper cone
Coated fabric surround
Voice coil dia: 25 mm
Sensitivity ( of each driver ): 91 db/w/m
Bass module amplification: one monobloc per enclosure


FET amplifier
Max. output: 110 wpc @ 4 ohms.System:
Loudspeaker sensitivity: 99 db/w/m.
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms.
Frequency response: 26 Hz to 20 Khz.
Minimum amplification power: 2 wpc


H x D x W : 1035mm ( 3′- 5″ ) x 500mm ( 1′-7 1/2″ ) x 190mm ( 7.5″ ) Weight per enclosure: 24 kg ( 53 lbs ) Shipping weight per carton ( 2 cartons plus palette ): 74kg ( 163 lbs )

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