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(By Rethm)

The Rethm Saadhana is Jacob George's Grand Opus.  Saadhana is Sanskrit for spiritual practice; that which never ends and is ever changing to infuse our lives.   Things on the design board, on the engineering table, and in the listening booth are never free from complications, but when the reproduction of music with true scale is approached...well that's when things get tricky.  There is always a deal to be made with the devil.  Some try to simply outshout physics, by employing large scale woofers and multiple drivers, topped off with an intricate crossover.  That's akin to strapping a jet engine atop a VW Bug and expecting it to compete in the Grands Prix.  For Mr. George, it has been 12 years of refinement, of reworking cabinet idea after cabinet idea, trying to tackle the bass in a way that is voluminous while being as accurate as the real thing...then came the realization that drivers needed to be made in house, wire in house, in fact to attain the hair splitting tolerances that are required to recreate an orchestra, all had to be customized for the Grands Prix of music.  

Most creators of Jacob George's refinement ask $40k and up for their pièce de résistance.  That his is less than half of that amount is perhaps the largest impediment between Rethm and renown.  Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons placed it alone in the world for those seeking single driver excellence.

"the Saadhana's apprenticeship in the widebander milieu has matured to full mastery. It's the perhaps first speaker of its kind to be unaccompanied by the usual qualifications except for that of proper amplifier matching...Should you desire fewer rather than more boxes and a meatier upper bass/midband than either Trisha or Maarga manage plus bass reach and power they can't touch, the Saadhana for now seems to have no natural predators or enemies. It sits at the very top of its particular food chain. No rain on Ganesha's head today!"


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Full range: 
Horn loaded labyrinth: 2.2m ( 7" – 4") length 
Full range driver: Custom designed 
7 inch paper cone w/whizzer 
Foam surround 
Voice coil dia.: 32mm 
Sensitivity: 99 db/w/m at 1khz, or mean averaged from 200hz to 2khz 

Sealed Isobaric chamber: 18,4 lit. volume. 
Bass labyrinth: 1.4m ( 4' – 8" ) 
Bass drivers: Custom designed; 3 units per enclosure 
6.5 inch paper cone 
coated fabric surround 
Voice coil dia: 25 mm 
Sensitivity ( of each driver ): 91 db/w/m 


Bass module amplification: one monobloc per enclosure 
FET amplifier 
Max. output: 210 wpc @ 4 ohms. 

Loudspeaker sensitivity: 102 db/w/m. 
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. 
Frequency response: 18 Hz to 20 Khz. 
Minimum amplification power: 2 wpc 

Dimensions: H x D x W : 1040mm ( 3'-5" ) x 730mm ( 2'-4 ½" ) x 215mm ( 8.5" ) 
Weight per enclosure: 40 kg ( 88 lbs ) 
Shipping weight per set ( 4 cartons, plus palette ): 120kg ( 264 lbs )



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