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The curation of an experience is a delicate matter. (See Rave Review) It's achieved when you look on the face of a friend or client and the emotion they're experiencing just can't be kept under their skin.  Whether it's tears or busting a move, it's 'a win'.  This is what we strive for with every bespoke solution; playing something that is loved and perhaps familiar, but never before experienced in so tangible and complete a fashion...and thus moving.

This type of fundamental experience is the bread and butter of Miro Krajnc.  Over a period of decades Miro has solicited and perfected each form of speaker building, striving to land on one that would satisfy his own tremendously high standards and his love and familiarity of the emotion of music.  He's found his answer.

It's been tremendous fun, pairing Miro with other engineers of cables or electronics.  Industry ears, which in general terms are over inundated with sound, are very hard to impress...some even a bit callous.  The resounding response, has been that these speakers represent the finest creations they've heard.

Miro himself is a very humble practitioner who is glad that people enjoy his speakers if slightly uncomfortable with their accolades.  

Due to the nature of his ribbon drivers, we've also used his technology for systems that must be completely invisible to the naked eye.  What results is a room that bursts alive with song.  If you were not expecting the sound, you will be looking around for a group of musicians that are real is the portrayal.

Please refer to the veritable rave that Enjoy the Music bestowed upon his Impact LE model.  Working with Miro makes our mission as easy as it could possibly be.  What an honor.

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