Soundkaos Subwave D10 - Subwoofer -

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(By Soundkaos)

Firstly, subwoofers have for the most part, been the bane of designers and spouses for time immemorial.  Ugly little bastards...until now.  Finally a sub that has a touch of style, that doesn't have to be covered with a drop cloth when company calls.

Of course, that it is comes from the maniacal pen and palm of Martin Gateley means that it is a gorgeous transducer in both sound and looks...and in the case of the D10, fury if called for.  We have two opposing 10 inch drivers loaded to cancel standing waves, and powered by 400 watts of very quick, very musical muscle.

The fact that it is a gorgeous match with so many speakers, (the Boenicke W5 and of course the Soundkaos Skiny16 come to mind) means we can have our bass and see it too.  Don't miss the last three octaves of your music...they really do add so very much, (even and especially at low volumes-yes, we're talking rare).

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