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"The evening before I'd listened to my Aëdle VK1 off the RWA-modified Astell&Kern AK100 whilst on the exercise bike. It sounded like an echo chamber by comparison. T4+ stripped out all the fuzz, cobwebs and resonant blur for a view on the same scenery that was far clearer, cleaner and 'down to the bone'."

From that perspective, the H2+ as driven from the Serbian custom amp could well be the current best or most extreme.

Where "world's best" does enter in more meaningful ways...is the down-to-the-bone resolution. It unclogs the finest arteries which competitors seem to suffer by direct contrast for lazier blood flow." "for headfi freaks who already own numerous cans, the T4+ proposition is a can't miss because it goes places we've not quite been to before."

'for headfi freaks who already own numerous cans, the T4+ proposition is a can't miss because it goes places we've not quite been to before.'

-Srajan Ebaen- 6Moons

Now your Take-T need not go through life alone.  With the Trafomatic T2+ Headphone Amp, specifically designed to power the Take-T, we've gotten the best ride in head land.  As such we're no longer offering the step down transformer.  Direct is so much better.

The TakeT H2+ headphone is a wonder.  It is based on the TAT driver by the enigmatic and creative Takei san.  There isn't another headphone on the market that has it's unique driver tech.  It is a Piezo electric driver related to the Heil Air Motion Transformer.  The tech used throughout isn't necessarily new, but it is the first time it has been put together in this form that we know of.  The TakeT H2+ also has super tweeters on the outside of each head piece that fire forward to increase the stage of the headphone...CLEVER!!


The result is one of the most present and intoxicating headphones we've yet to encounter.  It is in fact our new reference.  Duggeh, (one of headfi.org's most senior members) gave it the highest praise he's heaped on any headphone, giving it marks above all else on the market.  Please visit his fantastically comprehensive review here:



Thanks Duggeh for such an incredible effort on your part and for the tremendous resource.

The TakeT H2+ with the Crayon CHA-1, is our new house reference...and at the price of the TakeT, that's truly an incredible feat.

Not unlike a Stax the TakeT H2+ requires a step down transformer in addition to amplification, (or a dedicated high impedance amp.)  We highly recommend the TakeT HR2.  That coupled with an integrated of modest proportions will give you the best headphone experience of your life.  Match it with the Crayon and it's Nirvana.

1. Drive method:
- Polymer piezo-electric
- Heil-type drive with BP
- (external super-tweeter)
2. Reproduction frequency:
- 10Hz-100Hz or more
3. The maximum input:
- Electric power; 10W+10W
4. The maximum input: 
- Current: 20mA+20mA
5. Impedance: 5kΩ or more
6. Mass: About 360gr.

Our TakeT H2+ comes with thick pads.  Thin pads are no longer produced.


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