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The Tel Wire Connect’s copper conductor is the finest, solid core Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast copper with a Teflon dielectric. Terminated with either Xhadow RCAs or XLRs — chosen because they offer the highest quality of sound of any connector currently produced.

Directionality of the finished connect is determined by careful evaluation of the raw wire. Determination of the raw wire’s inherent directionality is done solely by ear, allowing for proper orientation in the interconnect.

A compliant build and internal damping reduce micro-vibrations to aid in image stability.

The Tel Wire Connect offers exceptional transparency, tonal neutrality, and a soundstage with incredible depth and width.


 From analog master Frank Schroeder-


About two years ago a good friend introduced me to a young guy by the name of Chris Kline who, so my friend told me, was making excellent interconnects and speaker wires. He was wondering if I was interested trying them. I do get many such inquiries, usually decline similar offers, but, decided to check them out based on how these were described to me. Just e few days later I received a box with some apparently well made, neither skinny nor Python-like interconnects(1m long), flexible and equipped with very high quality RCA connectors. I tried them between my pre- and power amp, also briefly between several stand alone phonostages and either linestage or a TVC. From the start it was clear(sic) that the wiring was essentially neutral, with a touch of emphasis on the upper mids(lower highs). Bass was tight, extended and exhibited, due to the highly resolving fundamental und midband region, great tonal shadings. Highs were airy and without any "grain". Focusing on the music was easy, individual aspects didn't call attention to themselves, - with one exception.Unfortunately, the slight discontinuity between upper mids and highs never disappeared completely, even after some fairly long "breakin" time. Chris suggested I should try a revised version and so I did. Now it approached how I envision an interconnect. True to the source, both in terms of detail resolution AND perceived frequency balance/continuity. If anything, resolution was even better.I'm not a member of the "my cables cost as much as half of the total of my system" camp, but I do agree that speaker wires and interconnect make a difference(imho all for reasons that are based on the laws of physics!) .. Irrespective of the price, I consider the Telwire interconnects among the best I have ever heard, - and I've heard many(costing little to large 4 figure $ amounts). They're staying in my system. Thank you Chris!


***Michael Peshkin from Stereomojo***

Craftsmanship nonpareil meets wire engineering beyond what most multi-buck wire companies offer….The strengths, the beauty of a recording is shown sans embellishment. You hear the recording as the sound and mastering engineers heard it when first created….I bought the pair.



I believe that I am now closer than ever to having that certain balance between the detail of silver and the “organic” qualities of copper

-Ray Seda, Ray-o-Stat, Audio Asylum-

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