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HC is or High Current.  While the regular Tel Wire Cord is great for most applications, when you're running current sucking amps, this is your first stop.

The Tel Wire HC Cord features a custom 10awg Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Castconductor.  It too uses the excellent Oyaide 004 beryllium copper, platinum & palladium plated AC/IEC plugs. Benefiting from the same self-shielding geometry and special sleeving the standard Tel Wire Cord employs, both helping to keep the noise floor exceptionally low and reduce micro-vibrations.

The HC Cord is amazingly dynamic with exceptional control at all points in the frequency spectrum. The cord’s soundstage prowess is second to none offering excellent delineation of instruments and voices with an incredible depth and front to back layering. It will allow any amplifier it is paired with to perform at its highest level.


High Praise


***Dave Clark from Positive Feedback Online Issue 47***

the new HCs ($995) sound much more like the Aluminatas ($4500)…Carol and a few others, well… they preferred them.

Better dynamics and slam, better control and all the good stuff we want from our music. Any sense of constriction is gone! They also have a very ‘organic’ and liquid sound to them…Music just flowed with a wonderful sense of pace and real-ness to it… very nice indeed. And pretty much tonally spot on with no sonic aberrations to shift it this way or that.



***Dr. Bill Gaw from Enjoy the July 2009***

So how does it sound? In a word, superb.


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