Audio Magic Nexus - 120v -

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(By Adept Response)

Jerry Ramsey really raised the the bar when he came up with the many elements that are the Nexus.  There's just more there there.  As always, we urge you to try some type of conditioning in your system if it's new to you.  The Nexus will take a reference system and almost invariably improve several aspects of its reproduction.  As city dwellers, we are especially susceptible to AC grunge.  The Nexus takes our best systems and lends a more relaxed detailed does a product make something more relaxed and detailed at the same time.  We like to thing it's just more real. LIQUID CONDUCTOR UPGRADE INCLUDED.


Features a 1/2" blue acrylic cabinet, state -of-the-art performance, Type 2 Pulse Gen Technology, [ 2 ] Type 2 Liquid Air Modules, Ground Disrupter Technology, separate amplifier, digital, low level circuits, 10 ga. silver conductors, Cryo Treated, MST Treated, Premium Capacitors, Hospital Grade Duplex's [ 5 ], 20 amp mini breaker [ 2 ]. Requires 2 power cords not included. 18" W  x 13" D  x 5" T. Available in 120v or 240v.

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