Audio Magic Oracle - 120v -

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(By Audio Magic)

The Pièce de résistance of Jerry Ramsey's Power conditioning world is something to behold both aurally and  visually.  It belongs in the top echelon of the finest conditioners in the world...a select few.  It possesses inputs specially designed for digital or amplification.  And of course we only offer it with the Liquid Conductor Upgrade.

From Nicholas Bedworth of 6Moons, "Both the Oracle power conditioner and the Liquid Air power cables clearly delivered substantial benefits to my midrange reference gear." 

When only the best will do! Featuring a Clear 1/2" acrylic cabinet. Meant for only the finest Audio Systems in the World, Type 2 Pulse Gen Technology [4], High-Precision Pulse Gen Module [1], Mega Liquid Air Modules [ 2 ], Ground Disrupter Technology, separate ampifier, digital, low level circuits, 10 ga. silver conductors, Cryo Treated, MST Treated, Premium Capacitors, Oxaide duplex's [6], 20 amp mini breaker [2]. Requires 2 power cords , not included. 18" W x 17" D x 8 1/2" T. Available in 120v or 240v.

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