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With the emergence of the digital age, what was large is small, and what was once available to a select few can now be enjoyed by the multitudes.  One consistent plague in scaling the heights of great sound in desktop DAC, tri-path amp, and headphone amps are the often noisy or minimal power supplies enclosed in smaller and often budget compromised designs.  Enter the BPS-02.  As with other Bakoon Products, the attention to detail and  thoughtful nature of it’s implementation is the work of an obsessive mind. As Srajan Ebaen noted before bestowing a Realsization Award: 

"At €330, Bakoon's BPS-02 is truly fantastic value...To neatly sidestep the abused 'a' word, if it's about making digital more human, battery power for low-current low-level circuits would seem ideal to get us closer. I simply didn't expect that it could mean uninterruptiblepower. That's so trick as to call for formal enthusiasm with an award. Because both size and price are small, that's all about realsization!"

“”The BPS-02 has two internal battery packs controlled by an analog ‘flip-flop’ logic. It’s quite complicated actually and probably why nobody has been able to develop one before. Hence also our patent-pending status. There is no ‘drop-out’ because at the transition period of less than one second, the logic circuit simply connects both batteries together (one low, one high capacity). They get momentarily paralleled and two packs become one. But there’s more to the internal circuitry. To lower output impedance we employ ultra-low impedance capacitors both at the input and output stages of the BPS-02, not to mention that its PCB design ensures separate grounds between the input, output and logic sections and is manufactured in gold-plated 2-ounce copper traces.” - Soo In Chae-Bakoon Operations, South Korea

To bring super clean, preternaturally silent operation to your smaller components, the BPS-02 is unequalled both in quality and in ease of use.  No, unplugging and charging.  The Bakoon takes care of it without any headaches for the user.  As with other Bakoon products, a trial period is available.

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Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Capacity Dual 2200 mAh
Battery Recharge Patent Pending Automatic Control
Battery Recharge Voltage +8.4 V DC
Output Voltage +5 V DC or +6 V DC
Output Current 1 A (nominal) 1.5 A (peak)
Dimensions 120 mm (W) x 120 mm (D) x 30 mm (H)
Shipping Weight 1.2 kg



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