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Implementing the EQA-11R in your audio chain gives you the direct experience of your cartridge.  Using Akira Nagai’s circuit expertise to skip unnecessary stages of amplification everything remains as intended by the recording engineer .   The secret is ingeniously keeping the signal in the current domain, thereby abrogating the need for step up transformers or head amps which can only degrade the signal.  The low internal impedance of your MC cartridge taken via current has plenty of gain.  Coupling the elegant circuit with an li-ion battery power supply keeps things quiet as a tomb.

As with other Bakoon Products we offer these on a trial basis.  It’s simply too good not to share with the masses.  The reviews also support this, but nothing does like hearing it mated to your favorite cartridge.

From the translated review in Guide Fedelta del Suono by Andrea Della Sala:

“The first thing that catches the attention, listening to the Bakoon phono stage, is the incredibly low noise: even at the highest volume, there is no surface noise.

This, in my opinion, is not negligible since you can listen to an LP, while completely eliminating any belt noise-this allows you to feel the best bits of all the information recorded in the grooves.

 The second thing that impressed me is the extreme speed of the EQA-11R: transient response is lightning fast giving this phono preamp a sense of rhythm that I’ve rarely heard at any price and never in this price range.

 The tonal balance overall preference for the brightness and alive, I never had the dark tones that are sometimes overly utilized or form a ‘character’ in other devices, often tube designs.

 …tonal characteristics of different cartridges are easily discernible, reflecting that Bakoon’s unique technology is certainly effective.  A further consideration I think needs to be made, and is eminently psychological order: knowing that your cartridge is automatically optimally connected to your phono preamp and without any network disturbances, which are by definition eliminated, puts the listener in a particularly happy state of mind.

 If you add to this proper tonal attributes, an impeccable presentation, then all the reasons for listening are here without the high price.”



Input MC Cartridge Only
Input Impedance 10 Ω (Current Signal Input)
Output 1 SATRI-LINK (BNC), 1 Voltage (RCA)
Gain Medium Gain (standard) / High Gain (option)
Power Output 10 V maximum
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Operate Time 25 hours approx.
Battery Recharge Time 5 hours approx.
Dimensions 195 mm (W) x 195 mm (D) x 40.5 mm (H)
Shipping Weight 4.0 kg


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