Goldmund HifiMAN HE-1000 Combo - The Dauphin or The Prince Who Would Be King - headphone amp -

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(By Goldmund)

Not enough can be said about HiFiMAN and Goldmund.  HifiMAN has done more to advance headphone listening in a few years than can be contemplated.  Their style is beyond cool and their tech is unrivaled.  Goldmund is one of the few old venerable companies whose grasp of the cutting edge has never wavered over decades.  They remain engineers' engineers, and when they prescribe a musical event that their creations portray, you better believe such will be the case.  You will physically experience their will.

So, if you want to save time, and just jump to the head of the class, here you go.  A pair of HE-1000's with the Goldmund Telos Headphone Amp/DAC and you can disappear into never never land.  You will be the Dauphin.

Feel free to consult us regarding upgraded cabling and as always, adding vinyl is a blast.

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