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Fostex has been an Original Equipment Manufacturer of high end headphones for many years.  Now they've pulled out all the stops and made their own assault on the state of the art.  With the TH900s it's really with an emphasis on the ART.  The first thing most people say upon seeing them in person, is OMG, these are beautiful.  Aside from mere beauty, they are being reviewed as the best imaging closed back headphones of all time, and one of greatest imaging headphone regardless of type.  The Urushi lacquer, the wooden cups coated in a plush leather..every element was done for both sound and feel.  The bass is better than any open headphone and one of the most accurate we've ever encountered.  Perhaps this is do to the 1.5 Tesla magnet involved-the largest we've seen in this application.  There is a sense of ease with the TH900-one fo the least fatiguing enjoyable reference headphones we've auditioned.  They come with their own stand and case.  They were recently bestowed an Editors Choice Award from the German Site Audio;

"That workmanship is the priority in the land of the rising sun is well known. Consider the earcups: The TH-900 housing is expensive and sourced from a Japanese ornamental cherry-birch.  It is laboriously hand finished with silver foil and then sealed with a traditional "urushi" lacquer.  After applying a platinum Fostex logo, the surface is polished by hand to a mirror finish.  It is then set to dry and cure over several weeks. The shells are the next step, followed by the wiring and the large 50 mm driver."

From NobileHifiBlogspot,

"The TH900 is a visual and sonic masterpiece for someone who likes their presentations bold. Sonically this is a balanced performance and worthy of the 'reference' moniker in my opinion. There's power in the low end, but it's under tremendous control and this is equally true of the rest of the frequencies too. Comfort and build are top notch."

"The soundstage of the TH900 is the most dynamic and natural that I have heard"

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