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The Jecklin Float QA is a re-design of the Jecklin Float two.  With a much improved power supply, headset, and thereby orientation to your ears, the new Float takes the primary strengths of the original Float, (tonal accuracy and soundstaging) and builds on them.  It stages in a way that is startling and must be one of the most comfortable set of cans ever to grace my melon.

There are now three options for powering your Floats.  These power supplies work on Floats old and new.  First you should know that the current transformers are a massive step forward compared to the ones of yesteryear, and so if you are an owner of older Floats, expect a much cleaner and transparent portrayal of the event.

The first power supply is a "Passive Model."  This is used when you have an amp you like, with an attenuator and just need the impedance compensated.  The second model, is the Active Power Supply, that amplifies a line level source that has an attenuator, aka, a preamp, and also a dac with a volume control is a possibility.  The last unit is the Active Power Supply Transdyn. 

The new Power Supply Active Transdyn, serves as an all-in-one approach.  It is an answered prayer to those who want the best possible solution with the least amount of 'other'.  Now, a source, Your Transdyn, and your Floats and the music is an open door. 

We love these cans...Quads for your ears!!  

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