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Note, we now only sell the Balanced Dog and the Universal Dog, (which in this case is a Balanced Dog with a much improved 1/4 inch cable)...we no longer sell the original Mad Dog with the inferior cable.

Balanced Dogs are in and they are shipping!!

"This thing lives up to its name. It's quite a mad value proposition. Its wear comfort should send competitors back to the drawing board. Its equivalent sonic plushness parks it decidedly in the planar camp within eye sight of the Audez'e LCD-2...In my book such stealth mode is nearly priceless. A very surprising and super pleasant find."-Srajan Ebaen, 6Moons

"In my best Justin Wilson voice... Whoooooo-Wheeeeee! (take big slug of 2 buck Chuck from pyrex measuring cup...

Wow!  These cans are really nice even out of the box.  First thing I noticed after the truly tactile, but not overdone bass, was the great transparency, a very nice soundstage (especially depth, and they say this really gets better with break in), and exceptional layering.  Right now using them with the little headammp that CAN through my normal iPad in Arcam drDock andstreamingfrom MOG.  Got to get some fulll res, uncompressed files on the iPad and give it a whirl.

I definitely can't wait to finish my rebuild of my BH s.e.x. amp -- I have a feeling that it will be fantastic with these headphones.

Headband is a bit of a sskull clamp right now, but I'm sure it will loosen up, and even with that minor complaint, these really are super comfortable.

Swapped the BFC and Mapleshade racks yesterday so now the real reconfiguring can happen and I can just et the bottom shelf on the mapleshade rack up a few more inches and slide the equitech right underneath.  The Kuzma is on the way, so getting very close to some serious speaker listening too.

Thanks again for everything and the quick shipping, heading back for some more listening...

-- Jim Rebman

 The Mad Dog headphone is the brainchild of Dan Clark.  He takes the Fostex T50RP and does an all out mod.  He won't tell us everything that he does, but they sound good enough that I don't care.  Upon hearing them at the NY Audio Show, the decision to carry them was instantaneous.  For $300 you can't come close to these.  They are the flip side presentation of the HiFiMAN HE-400.  At $300 they're a new reference, and quite frankly, go well up the ladder.  They're one of my favorite headphones regardless of price, and may be the most comfortable headphones I've had the pleasure of wearing.  There is also a balanced version that will be available in May.  We're taking pre-orders for the balanced version for $349.99, but when they start production, that price will shift to $399.99.  They're a steal at $399 too.  The non-balanced version is in stock and shipping immediately.  For those of you who are curious, I know the T50RP, and it is nothing like what Dan has done here, and nowhere close in terms of comfort or performance.

They have a 1 year warranty and ship with two cables, terminated in 1/4" and 1/8" so you're covered and don't need to compromised sound with adaptors.

The reviews have been great:


"When I compared the Mad Dogs with one of my favorite headphones in this price range, the $300Sony MDR-1R, it was no contest. The Mad Dogs sound was more spacious, the midrange detail and resolution were far better, bass definition was superior, and they were more comfortable. The Mad Dogs have advanced planar magnetic drivers; the Sony relies on conventional dynamic drivers, and that's a difference that's easy to hear.

To finish up, I compared the Mad Dogs with another planar magnetic headphone, the $399HiFiMan HE-400. That open-back headphone has a brighter treble and a cooler midrange tonal balance than the Mad Dogs. Switching between the two headphones the Mad Dogs were richer and warmer sounding, but I also liked the HE-400's immediacy. They sound different, but they're both excellent. The HE-400 sells for $100 more than the Mad Dogs."-Steve Guttenberg

"I can see a lot of people really loving the Mad Dogs and these new 'Alpha' pads elevate them to a whole new level. It still has that delicate detail but the laid back sensation is falling away somewhat and making way for some real aggression. The soundstage just keeps getting better and better, but perhaps the most amazing aspect is that you get all these things in a closed back headphone with decent isolation."- Ed Noble of Noble HiFi


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