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Okay, what is the Oracle 24.  As stated in on the Audio Magic website:  "The Oracle 24 was created to totally clean the Hot, Neutral, and ground in your system as well as neutralize all ambient noise present in your room. This is a very powerful device and will take any system to new heights of clarity, dynamics, staging."

I asked Jerry Ramsey about it, the mind behind Audio Magic, for whose products we have till now had complete confidence.  I could hear him smiling over the phone.  So no technical give-aways.  He worked hard to create it and doesn't want to give it up.
We at StereoDesk generally don't get excited about items which are out of circuit, have mysterious properties, and claim to change the nature of our listening experience.  That said, there were a lot of skeptics to electricity before it came to be, so we keep an open mind.  The first time I heard the Oracle plugged in, it was in a living room with an adjacent kitchen.  Somehow that box made the kitchen noise, (the noise I hadn't noticed but that was apparent once removed), disappear.  No more, hum of the fridge and so forth.  It did all the things stated above.  Eureka, Electricity!

As such, we sell the Oracle 24 and it's smaller sibling the Oracle 12, with a 30 day trial built-in.  My guess is that after 1 minute you'll know if it works in your system, but feel free to take the 30 days.  The general response has been very positive.

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