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The Quad 57, 63, and to a lessor extent the Braun Le1 are audio legend.  Think about that for a moment.  In a world where new products are reviewed every few days, and new champions 'crowned' with each passing month, these speakers have endured longer than most of their users have been alive.  There is a reason.  What the Quads do, they do better than anything else.  What they don't do, they don't do.  They don't do low low bass, (though in medium to small rooms you're likely not to notice) and they're not happy with dynamic splurges up above 110 db.,,maybe less.  What they do do and the main reason they are here among desktop and smaller setting solutions, is come to song at low volumes better than just about anything.  So if you are in a mid-to small room, care about music, and want to hear a symphony, some Billie Holiday, or whichever poison suits your ills, The Quad Electrostatic is difficult to beat.  We feel these German iterations are the finest representations of the Quad currently available.  They have taken Peter Walkers design and brought the parts and engineering to the next level, with respect and reverence to the shoulders they stand upon.  The characters of each of the speakers remain in concert with the originals...the 57 being a touch less extended at the extremes but possessing the best midrange you've heard, the 63 a close second in midrange tonality but having more extension and slightly better staging, and the Braun Le1-great styling and somewhat lighter than it's brethren and the perfect candidate for the additional subwoofer that Quad GmbH has designed, and that we find as the perfect icing on the cake to any one of these three classics.  Keep in mind this subwoofer and the included active crossover, is far from an afterthought, but was rather a labor of love during several years of painstaking R and D, which in the end achieved a wonderful full range presentation for your 'classic' brand new quad.  The King is Dead, Long Live the King.

These Quads are made to order and can be designed with almost any finish or cloth, making them the most decor friendly Quads to date.  For information on an Braun LE1 Model, please contact us as these are special orders.
Shipping and waiting period are standard.      

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