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(By Stax)

Due to the rather meteor-like entrance of the Stax SR-009 onto the market, people often forget that the second best headphone in the world may well by the 009's sibling.  At it's reduced price compared to the 009, it represents a value.  As Ken Rockwell stated,

"For their intended use, the STAX SR-007MK2 are a bargain at only about $2,400 brand-new. To get sound this good, this accurate and over this broad a frequency range through loudspeakers requires at least a $100,000 investment in speakers, crossovers and acoustic studio design. Even if you had speakers this good, setting them up in a domestic environment just can't compete unless you also feel like dropping at least $75,000 into acoustic room treatment to get flat response without room nodes down to 16 Hz. Heck, a typically clueless "audiophile" won't think twice about spending three times as much as these headphones just on speaker and power cables. If you can afford to throw money at fluff, you certainly can afford these headphones."

We couldn't agree more.  This Stax is one of the finest transducers of it's type and a joy to hear.

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