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Notice:  All Studio Oslo's now come with great flight cases...just what you need to keep these superb monitors protected and looking their best.

Check out The Studio Oslos on Adventures in Audio, being shown with the Lampizator Dac and Linear Audio Research!!  Fernando loved them!

The Ancient Audio Studio Oslo powered speaker is the latest creation from the the pen of Jarek Waszczyszyn, an engineer who’s spent 15 years designing $150,000-$300,000 euro all out assaults on the state of the art.   Having watched recording engineers mix down recordings listening to less than accurate monitors for years, he decided something must be done.  He took  off 18 months to design the perfect powered mini-monitor and the result is the Studio Oslo  According to HiFi Pig, he nailed it;

‘Simply put, they throw virtual holograms…Don’t be fooled.  Don’t think of these as good or even great by multi media loudspeaker standards.  They are truly wonderful loudspeakers, period.  They just happen to be truly portable, with near endless connectivity options.”  

or as Wojciech Pacula of 6Moons and High Fidelity Poland reviewed,

"Okay, the most important question considering their small size and single driver coming from a very reputable maker of course must be, how do they sound? Unbelievably good mostly because of that generous precisely defined soundscape. It’s what first catches our attention. When one finally gets over it, coherence comes next...

These Studio Oslo minis can't replace large studio monitors. It’d be be silly to ever think that. But I've never heard such a brilliant computer/desktop speaker before...These are beautiful for two reasons – their cosmetic design and their remarkable sound considering that they are very cheap for studio monitors (albeit quite costly for computer speakers). I don't really see much competition unless we included much larger monitors. Drama, speed, attack, resolution and liquidity are all very strong suits of the Studio Oslo." 

and Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons adds:

"Where the S.O.B. system goes the extra miles vs. usual 'computer speakers' is the type of unplugged directness and unglued energetic transmission one expects from the best widebanders like Rethm and Ocellia whilst actually sounding fuller. It applies the same one-way rationale to the nearfield. This transcends usual LF limits and mitigates HF attenuation over distance. Then it adds active compensation, active drive and well-hinged tone controls. Users thus get the breed's best attributes without suffering its shadows (unless one spent seriously more)."

David Fungus of wrote:

"The verdict is that they are worth every penny that you have to spend on them. They would probably stand up to any other similar size and more expensive speakers on the market."

There are many available configurations and accoutrements available for the Oslo.  The game changing dedicated subwoofer, factory stands, an array of finishes, (Palisander Santos Veneer, High Gloss black, white, red or blue are standard-or you can order any custom finish just make certain to let us know and we'll give you a quote), you can order them as a dual mono version for use in larger spaces.  Increased dynamics, imaging and channel separation, are the benefits, a hard shell case is available, and lastly a battery or automotive power supply.  Contact us directly for information on ordering a non-stock version.  (unless you have specific need, the stock version is awesome-January 2013 will tell the tale of the dual monos)

For special-order colors go to either of these sites and we'll provide you with a quote.

RAL color chart:

NCS color chart:


  • Wide-band speaker 10 cm
  • AB+ biased internal amplifier 2x30Watt
  • 101 dB SPL ( 1m, pair)
  • Dedicated Analog Sound Processor for sound control
  • Precision volume control
  • Wide-range tone control
  • XLR true balanced inputs ( 1 Vrms)
  • RCA inputs 1 Vrms
  • RCA inputs 0,5 Vrms
  • Lightweight, but high current power supply
  • RCA and mini-jack ( 3,5 mm ) cables included
  • Dimensions ( W x H x D ) : 100 x 239 x 210 mm
  • Weight shipping 5 kg ( 11 lbs.)

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