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"Complex musical signal like that of dense classical music has far more room to breathe and occupy all of its unfurled dimensions. The very low self noise of this phono stage gets much more from the precious audio signal and thus also passes on more to the next component in the hifi chain and eventually to your thirsty ears. 
Being the most crucial part in the analogue signal’s journey at the very beginning where it is faintest and most fragile, the Phono One cares and accompanies that signal from its tiniest incarnation towards full maturity. These first steps make or break the entire system. Sasa Cokic has designed that caring nurturing environment in which the precious music signal is lifted from the groove with great care and expertise. His Trafomatic Audio Reference Phono One deserves wide acclaim from all vinyl lovers around the globe!"

Marja and Henk-6Moons

Transformer winding reaches it's highest art, (many will disagree) in the low level arena of phono stages.  Perhaps that's why several of our favorites phono stages over the years sport insides with Lundahl towards their outputs.  Purpose built iron and tubes can do beautiful things for a cartridge.  Perhaps that's why Sasa Cokic has made such a fantastic sounding unit.  It's also very adjustable.  We recognize we're stretching our legs a bit by including something a bit more than desk friendly in size, but to hear it leaves little choice.  He has also found a new design for properly getting the RIAA circuit right.  The result is more breath, more width, more more.  It mates beautifully with the Premise Integrated Amplifier, or the Reference One Preamplifier and Mono Blocks.


Stereo phono tube preamplifier, 1xMM, 1xMC (20-50-100-200- 1k), CLR+RCA, RCA line output

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