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It's been well documented that Sasa Cokic is a design fiend.  One great amp after another, some that were special requests, and some that have simply been lurking around in his brain for a decade or more.  This design is a hybrid.  It was in my brain, and as it turns out in Sasa's too (perhaps long before mine).  The Trafomatic Dream is a no-holds barred, single ended triode integrated amplifier based on the 45/2A3 or AD1 tube.  This makes it anywhere from around 2 to 6 watts.  The difference is getting 2 mono blocks, a few inputs, and a great attenuator into one gorgeous enclosure.  

For those of us with highly sensitive monitors, or even highly sensitive spouses, with this solution we can have our single box count without the compromise of our power supply.  If you're running a Voxativ π or other sensitive monitor, or even larger horns...essentially anything that's sensitive but the living space requires elegance, this is your solution.

As this project comes further along more information will be posted, including pics of the process.  It has been a long time coming.  Nothing will look as good or sound as wonderful as this integrated with one of our highly sensitive offerings.

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