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A great new review on the Eos from Mono and Stereo

From Matej Isak:

"Many people cannot get passed their silver shades of migraine cvng caused and created by the endless indoctrinations of media and press. There is no light for those who wants to stay in the dark cave. This rhetorical analogy lingers from the time of Platon. Luckily there is a new wave of people acting in more broadminded way using their selective aural instruments with lesser imprints and with an open mind. People are slowly, but surely getting away from enforced norms. In the age where everything is fast faced and fast forwarded we can see the rising demand of true objects of art. Those objects that have ability to evoke the things as they are or closest to the source. We are beings of passion, interchanging, interaction and hankering. Wondering souls striving for emotions. 

Music is a gift coming from the source or sources we’re yet to determine and understand. The true high-end audio pursuit should have been and was always a close movement that brings us as close as possible to the music. The way it was intended to be heard. And this is the real magic we often heard or being talked about. 
Trafomatic Audio EOS power amplifier is matured product and a refined work of constantly evolving pursuit. Its evolutional in its urge of creating a viable music reproduction, that can touch the core of the human being and affect the listener. Long forgotten art is safely in the hands of right people and Saša Čokić is thankfully among few of them. 
At the given price Trafomatic Audio EOS power amplifier represent something special and worthy of designation. Its stands on its own and represent one of a fewer true musical machines. Partner it well with preamplifier of musical and true flow and you’re close to what eastern world relate to the nirvana :). 
Text: Matej Isak



Sometimes nothing will due except 100 watts of tube goodness.  This is one of Sasa Cokic's new designs.  One he feels strongly enough about to decline my ardent suggestion to make it an integrated.  'It deserves better than an integrated design would give it.'  Which to me seemed an invitation, nay, a challenge.  Thankfully a client did help and now there's an integrated model too!!


Sasa is right again.  Besides the chokes on board, there is a separate prodigious power supply.  At this price point, this is a unique offering...and from this quartet of KT-120 tubes, thunder is in the offing.


Thanks to Mono and Stereo for the great pics.

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