Trafomatic Eos Integrated Demo - integrated amp -

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$6,000.00 $10,000.00

(By Trafomatic)
There is a matching Trafomatic Reference Phono Demo also for sale on these pages.
Matej Isak of Mono&Stereo had this to say:
"The EOS is the most powerful amplifier in the Trafomatic Audio productions. It is constructed as push-pull using well known KT120 output tubes. Drive tube is 6N6P-EV and input tube as well as phase splitter is another well know tube - 5687. 
 Trafomatic Audio EOS power amplifier radiate with the energy of music embraced by the strongest anchors. It can aligned to the endless river shores and let the channelling happens down the timeless drain. This remarkable vividness of music being glided through its natural vortex makes EOS special and captivating... Music is a gift coming from the source or sources we’re yet to determine and understand. The true high-end audio pursuit should have been and was always a close movement that brings us as close as possible to the music. The way it was intended to be heard. And this is the real magic we often heard or being talked about. 
Trafomatic Audio EOS power amplifier is matured product and a refined work of constantly evolving pursuit. Its evolutional in its urge of creating a viable music reproduction, that can touch the core of the human being and affect the listener. Long forgotten art is safely in the hands of right people and Saša Čokić is thankfully among few of them." -Mono and Stereo

This Eos is pristine.  It is only being changed due to a client's renovation.  She ordered another in a color to match her new room.  We're the importers for this product.  It will have a new full warranty for its purchasor.  It has a few hundred hours at most and a top set of tubes.  100 watts of pure KT120.  But really the massive outboard power supply is the story.  The middle can on the venter rear of the unit is in fact two hand wound massive interstage transformers. There are no coupling capacitors in the musical signal.  It has a remote and a tremendously good headphone output.  4  RCA inputs.  Original wooden crate and remote.

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