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From Headphone Guru

'I really enjoyed my time with the Trafomatic Head 2 and was sad to see it go as it is one of the better tube amplifiers that I have heard in a long time. At $2500, the Head 2 can hold its own against many TOTL tube amplifiers and is able to drive just about any headphone out there including the HE-6. The pre-amplifier has tons of gain and would be a great addition to any system. With true-to-life dynamics, sparkly treble, and all the awesome qualities of the 6922 tube, I simply cannot recommend this amplifier enough.'.

- Dubstep Girl @ Headphone Guru

From Enjoy the Music-

Trafomatic Audio LogoAs this is my first hands on with the Trafomatic Audio products I'm being more then impressed. I've seen and read a lot about their past and present products, but was always intrigued by the thoughts of how they can perform. My expectations for the high performance headphone amplifier and  line preamplifier are always above ordinary as I've been bitten by the curious and musical bug long time ago. It was pleasure to get such positive impression with the Trafomatic Audio HEAD 2. This is the product done right, priced right and performing right. Saša Čokić thinks out of the box and without restrictions. HEAD 2 clearly transcribe his feelings regarding the music. Passion, emotions and love for music dictates the choices, which clearly sum up in the great result. It is not hard to recommend Trafomatic HEAD 2 as both stand out high performance headphone amplifier and line preamplifier. I'm now looking forward in discovering more creational outputs from this Serbian boutique high-end audio manufacture. If any other big high-end branded company would deliver under this product, you could expect it to cost closer to $10,000 or more. Here is the example of preamplifier that offers high-end high performance at the world prices."


* Thanks to Mono and Stereo and Matej Isak for these great photos.  Please read his audio site.  it is indispensable.  We'll have our own pics up soon enough.

Sasa Cokic is up to it again.  More circuits, better solutions, and in this case, his reference effort for driving headphones.  The Head 2 will drive any dynamic headphone on the market and offers impedance matching to boot. This unit has balanced ins and outs, as well as single ended connections.  It also has the wonderful attribute of being a damn fine preamp.

The Head 2 use ECC88 on the input and 2 6N30P output tubes on the output. One set per channel. They are transformer coupled in push pull triode. 

It has 2W into 50ohms with balancedand rca inputs and outputs....that's tremendous drive. It also acts as a fully balanced tube preamp.  RCA output is 6ohms and Balanced at 25.  

A steal at the asking price.

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