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(By Trafomatic)

 The new Trafomatic Premise has an incredible headphone output.  3 watts triode, will power most any headphones you care to throw at them.  The sound is glorious.

"With his Kaivalya monos receiving raves across the board, Sasa Cokic distilled their essence into a gloss-white-lacquered push-pull integrated. The Premise twirls with EL84 tubes; this means super-fast, super clean reproduction without the butterfat that can burden lesser EL34 designs. Musical layering is another standount. Cleverly, Cokic has designed the Premise so that it can be used as a power amplifier and triode/ultra-linear modes are top-plate switchable to suit mood and musical flavour. The former brings a shade more romance, but the delta is sufficiently subtle that you won’t spend all day yo-yo-ing between the two. A glorious and grandiose amplifier that once again proves that bang-for-buck can still be found at the high-end. Don’t be misled: this might look like show-pony hi-fi but the Premise offers performance that you’d be extremely hard-pushed to find for less money. You can show it off to your audiophile mates, it sounds sublime and your partner will be less likely to object to it as a lounge-room centerpiece. A modern classic."

-John Darko-Digital Audio Review

The Trafomatic Pramise is Sasa Cokic's answer to the challenge of stuffing two mono-blocks and a line stage into one box...but not any mono-blocks, the highly esteemed Kaivalya Mono-Blocks that have found personal reference status to one of the industries top reviewers, Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons fame.  This is a push pull circuit executed perfectly, which is A) not easily accomplished, and B) very important, as nothing sounds worse than push pull poorly executed.  Aside from offering a huge return in quality, the Premise is also very flexible, with remote control, the ability to switch between triode and ultralinear depending upon the presentation that suits you or a given musical type, the Premise is very flexible.  3 inputs with a fourth that bypasses the preamp section of the Premise turning it into a dedicated amplifier, allowing the use of a dedicated preamp or the volume control of your source.  Currently Trafomatic is new to the US, but look for reviews in the coming year.  It's fantastic kit, and we're proud to share it with you.

Class of operation: Push Pull class A Triode/ Ultralinerar mode

Tubes complement: 8 x EL84, 2 x ECC81

Inputs: CD, Tuner, Aux

Outputs: 4 , 8 ohms 

Input sensitivity: 0.85Vrms

THD: 0.25% - 1W/1KHz

Bandwidth: 10Hz (-1dB) - 50KHz (-3dB)

S/N ratio: 88dB

Input impedance: 100K

Power consumption: 250VA

Input voltage: 230V/50Hz (100-120-220-240V available on request)

Size: 430 x 2900 x 1900mm

Weight: 22kg



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