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We found the Reference One easy to match and absolutely quiet in all combinations we tried, including very trying speakers like 107dB noise-tracking hornspeakers. Well built and perfectly calibrated, the stock tubes produced no reason to suggest any tube rolling. Straight from the box, the sound—if indeed there was any self sound as we thought the design exceptionally transparent—was just right!

Marja and Henk - 6Moons


Reference One

Our Reference One is the ideal complement to our 300B Reference or Kaivalya monaural amplifiers and naturally another single- ended class A design used II C core output transformers at the output and possibility to drive any power amplifier, allowing you to have the most choice possible. Its sports five RCA inputs and RCA/XLR outputs. Gain is 18dB but can be set 5dB higher by request. The tube complement consists of a pair of 6N6P in the direct signal path (5687 by request) and one each EZ81 and ECL82 in the power supply. Noise and hum ratio is 82dB and output impedance is 660 ohms. Weight is 10kg and dimensions are 430 x 370 x 130mm. The remote wand controls volume.


Single-ended Class A
Inputs 5x RCA
Outputs XLR , RCA , Preout RCA
Gain 18 dB(23 by request)
Noise and Hum ratio: 82dB
Output Impedance 660 Ohms,
Vacuum Tube Complement 2 x 6N6P (5687 by request)
Power supply 1xEZ81 , 1xECL82
Requirements 100, 117 or 240 Volts / 50-60 Hz, 60 watts,
Weight 10 kg ,
Dimensions 430x 370 x 130mm


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