Trafomatic 75TL Reference Headphone/Integrated Amp - headphone amp -

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(By Trafomatic)

I've long adored the sound of a properly executed Eimac 75TL in a single ended circuit. Hear one and that's it.  There's a space, ease and delineation that is indicative of live music.  The two I've heard that were most beautifully rendered were in conjunction with engineers who wound their own iron.  Enter Sasa Cokic of Trafomatic Audio.  So we wanted our cake and to eat it too.  That means an integrated amp that will put out 10 plus real watts (enough to power my Rethms, Voxativs, or DC10's to levels of beauty heretofore unheard) and also have enough power and finesse to enter into the world of headfi amplification.  By headfi amplification we mean all of them; Stax, Magnostatic, Cones...pick your poison.  We've been collecting the Eimac tubes necessary to start this project for a while.  We have enough for 15 amps.  Each amp comes with a signature plate, and two sets of output tubes (enough to outlast most of us.)  The amps will be dual differential from input to output and spare no expense and can be customized to some degree.  For those of us who want to power our speakers, and our ridiculously modded AKG-K1000, Stax 009s, HiFiMAN HE-1000s, Audezes, and HD-800s-welcome back to your estate, penthouse, yacht.

It's a ridiculously expensive proposition to build, but it also won't get any better. 

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