Viva Egoista Reference Headphone Amplifier - headphone amp -

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(By Viva)

The Viva Egoista has been reviewed by Part Time Audiophile and Headfi Guru  Click on the links to read the raves.

Enjoy them, consult your funds, and come back to buy a unit.  The wait won't be too long. : )

Viva Products are imported by Profundo Audio and as such are regionally sold.  Contact Profundo to find a dealer in your area.  In New England, feel free to contact us.


The Egoista stands alone in its portrayal of the musical event.  You will find yourself chair-bound, tethered to your music, regardless of your chosen head gear.  Here's a brief intro to the world of the Viva Egoista and the equally impressive Viva Numerico CDP/DAC.

This is a special order and highly sought work of headfi tubed goodness.  As such, there is a concomitant wait period involved.


Output...about 18 watts biased class A


Output Tubes 845

Input Tube      6n1pi

Preamp Tube 6sn7GT

Power Supply 5U4G

Weight - 100 pounds +-

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