Viva Numerico - DAC -

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(By Viva)

Viva Products are imported by Profundo Audio and as such are regionally sold.  ContactProfundo to find a dealer in your area.  In New England, feel free to contact us.


Like it's tube brethren, the Viva Numerico manages to keep it's house signature.  Call it analog, call it lack of digititus, call it mellifluous if you must, but what it comes down to is that it sounds like music and in so doing honors the music.



This is a new product and as such we have very little to relate in technical terms.  We know it does 24/192 because it's often displayed.  It has a USB input that works faultlessly and sounds fabulous.  As with many of his other creations, Amedeo Schembri is in no hurry to share what he concocts beneath the bonnet.  Suffice it to say, it's days running in our downstairs system with little hope of reprieve.  



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