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…far more than the sum of its “non-sonic” parts… They are simply put, very honest and very well balanced.

Henry Wilkenson, Audiophilia

Ultimately, the best thing I can say about the Waveform Fidelity cables is that I just don’t think about them when I am listening to music. During these last weeks I have had to remind myself that I'm supposed to be evaluating them for review purposes. With all of the other improvements I have made to my system this year, these cables are a crowning touch. I will be writing about some of the other things that have contributed to the improvement, but I believe that the Waveform Fidelity cables have allowed all those other improvements to be realized fully. I have already revealed the punchline here, but to restate it, I give these superb cables my highest recommendation.

-Wayne Donnelly-Enjoy The Music

These are shielded and phenomenal cables. We use them as much as anything.  Paul, the guru behind these great cables, insists that cables are directional.  I agree.  He also has his best results with bananas on one end and spades on the other.  We prefer to sell his cable this way, hence the options.  Know that when your amp is taking bananas, your speakers will get spades and vice versa.

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