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With updated filtering, the mAMP Mono blocks give class D an overhaul more in line with tube amplification.  We love these little wonders.  Especially going direct from their Dac 2 DSDse into them. Talk about clarity and space and tone.  Matched with the right speakers, (like Gallo, Mark and Daniel, or Albedo Audio) these things get you into the front door of high end audio for a fraction of the usual cost.  They've won several awards saying just that.  They've also made a sterling little pre to match them.  These things fit on a desk, but can be used in almost any setting.  Need big sound in a big room, but only have a small space to tuck away some components?  Welcome home.

We sell these locally in New England.  Hence the lack of a price in the heading...but they're $899 a piece, and so good for that money.

Here's what W4S has to say:


250 watts in to 8 ohms



The new mAMP review by Brian Hunter of audiohead embraces the idea of a simplistic system approach.

Audiopilia has presented the mAMP with the Star Component Award!

New review by Karl Sigman

In Karl's words, "it is mind boggling to see such performance come from such tiny and light devices."



The mAMP receives the prestigious Blue Moon Award from Srajan of 6moons!

New review click HERE




     The mAMP utilizes the latest generation of ICEpower® technology in addition to a completely redesigned input stage. The new amplifier design reproduces audio very efficiently with negligible wasted energy. Despite the mAMP’s small footprint, it is able to provide exceptional dynamic performance while offering jaw dropping micro-dynamics. The power is delivered to your speakers through dual 14AWG OFC wiring connected to gold plated, insulated 5-way binding posts. While in standby, the amplifier power consumption is less than 0.5w and also keeps the idle power loss under 10 watts! 

     With an input stage that has been meticulously refined to optimize frequency response, distortion and performance, balanced or unbalanced inputs can be utilized with exceptional results. A tremendous amount of time has been spent tuning the front end to mate specifically with the amplifier to produce smooth upper-mid frequencies while still keeping the bass extension low and tight. The circuit includes a dual differential common mode converter which has been derived from our world famous DAC-2. Regardless of input type, the high quality balanced converter allows us to feed the amplifier with a pure balanced signal with ease. Another function of the front end is to isolate impedance mismatches which would otherwise become a problem. The buffer has an input impedance of 100k which will pair with everything from W4S gear to tube components without loading down the output stage of your source. Furthermore the 3rd generation technology significantly reduces the detrimental effects of a noisy source through balanced circuitry, audio grade capacitors, and a quad-paralleled FET buffer. All of these traits come together to offer micro-dynamics with impressive clarity.

     The mono-block design gives you the versatility to optimize the placement of your amps for both improved performance and convenience. It is very important for the amplifier to have sufficient control of your speaker to ensure tight bass as well as a powerful yet controlled sound stage. The mono-block form factor allows you to use a short speaker cable for each channel by placing the amp in near proximity to each speaker. A mono-block configuration can cut cost on speaker cable while improving the performance of your system. Another benefit of separate amps is the elimination of channel crosstalk which further improves the imaging and presence of our products. 

     Finally, the part that makes all of this possible is what many have been waiting for!  The new chassis is even more attractive than ever and still keeps the functionality that we have come to love. A front view of the unit reveals only two screws tucked neatly in the rear of the top cover. The front panel is meticulously machined from a solid piece of ¾” aluminum, line grained, and anodized in black. A radius on either side of the front panel rounds the corners off elegantly where the side extrusions extend to the rear of the unit and sport the same high quality anodized finish. The top cover is available in clear anodize (Silver) or black and has stylish venting allowing heat to escape. The chassis is formed from steel, powder coated black, and has venting in both the bottom and rear to attribute to passive cooling of the internal circuitry. Having a structure such as this allows us to have a product that is very rigid and immune to frequencies and vibrations which can be generated by the various components in a HiFi system.  


mAMP Features

  • Utilizes latest generation ICEpower® audio technology
  • 255w in 8Ω
  • 430w in 4Ω
  • External selectable mains voltage 115/230VAC
  • Idle power consumption 9.5w
  • Thermal protection
  • Over current protection
  • Sound optimized soft clip
  • Robust construction
  • Standard 12V DC Trigger
  • Machined and anodized aluminum front panel
  • Gold Plated unbalanced (RCA) input
  • Neutrix Balanced (XLR) input
  • 3rd Generation fully balanced input stage with impedance of 100k
  • Compact size (8"W x 3.5" x 8"D)
  • 8 lbs.
  • Covered by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY (Original Purchaser)

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