Wyred4Sound MINT (mini integrated) - All-in-one -

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(By Wyred 4 Sound)

Have you heard of the Realsization Award from 6Moons.  Likely not.  One reason is that they've given out only a handful since their inception.  Wait, it also received Tone Audio's Exceptional Value Award...there seems to be a consensus building that the MINT is one of the highest value pieces of kit available.  Not to mention, it will fit like a charm on most any desk.

You want no more than one box to take care of amplification and number crunching.  Well the MINT is one of your finest alternatives below $2500

100 watt per channel will power most anything and you are also privy to one of the worlds most innovative digital minds in EJ Sarmento.  Just plug in your computer via a USB cable and you're in the world of hifi.

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