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May. 24. 2015
Thomas Mayer, Uses Primary Control and Wolf van Langa to wage auditory war. Munich High End 2015

Thomas Mayer is a tube amplification wizard. Wolf van Langa has the coolest name for a production speaker. Primary Control is not an institution taken from the pages of Orwell's 1984 but rather one of the finest tonearms we've come across of late. Together with their new direct drive table the sound is something altogether ethereal. 


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May. 24. 2015
Like Listening to Records?

We used an old fashioned method to find which record cleaning machine cleans records best...the empirical method. Here is the Hannl Aragon, the first step towards real vinyl love. With a full range of machines to choose from, there's a Hannl for everyone. They all use the same method and clean your records equally well. The differences are in levels of automation and cosmetics. 



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May. 21. 2015
Munich High End 2015 DC10 Kabuki Ohaku!!

David Counsell and the team at DC10 obliterated the ball out of the park with the Kabuki Ohaku. So much so that you can come by and hear it at Audio Prana in Boston.


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Welcome to Stereo Desk.  We're dedicated to high-end stereo solutions for limited spaces.  The majority of our background has been at vaunted levels of cost no object stereo reproduction.  That said, we yearn for tunes at any given time; in the office, in bed while others sleep, near someone who has the nerve to focus on something other than music.  For those of your subjugated to music black-out, we offer an interesting array of diminutive solutions and fantastic headfi.  

By all means, welcome to reference level music reproduction.  There are a wide range of products on this site, the commonality being that, regardless of price-point, they make music come alive.  


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